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The Tenth Power By Kate Constable

The Tenth Power (Book 3 in the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy)Name of book: The Tenth Power


Author: Kate Constable

Age Group:10-16

Number of Pages:306

Calwyn used to be exceptional. She was the most talented of all the chanters of Tremaris, , and she’d fought hard to become their leader. But then there was an accident, and the magic inside her went silent. Where there once was power, now there is nothing. Her whole life–the future she had planned with Darrow–has somehow slipped away.
All Calwyn wants to do is limp home and hide. But she can’t, because although her power is gone and taken all happiness with it, her responsibilities seem to grow every day. There’s a sickness attacking the chanters of Tremaris, a sickness that seems to have infected the land itself. And even though Calwyn is now just an ordinary girl with no magic left in her, she can’t sit by and watch the world die.
This is a story about tremendous courage and the strength of spirit that life sometimes demands. But it’s also a story of hope, because sometimes when everything you know has failed you, there is another way. Sometimes there is a tenth power–if only you can find it.

I was completely dying to read this book, but since my TBR stack is huge, I had to wait several days, which honestly killed me. This book is the third book of The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy. Calwyn was once on her path to become the singer of all songs. But suddenly, when she reaches far beyond what her magic can do and heals the dead lands, every single trace of magic in her is gone. Sadly enough for Calwyn, so is Darrow. Separated from each other, one in Antaris, another gone to find Samis. Calwnyn goes to Antaris,her homeland,in order to try to revive her magic powers. When she arrives there, horrible things happen, and the evil disease called snow-sickness spreads to Calwyn's beloved Hgh Priestess-Marna. Eventually Darrow catches the disease, and that is the only thing that seperates them. For Darrow cares deeply for Calwyn, and she him, but if a chantment singer touches a person with snow-sickness, it is death. Will they ever be together again? And will they defeat Samis in time to Save the whole world of Tremaris?
As intriguing as this book was, there were some downsides to it. How Calwyn changed her mind so quickly and became temporarily evil doesn't make any sense-and kissing Samis doesn't make it any easier. Overall, this book was great, but Calwyn would look better as NOT fickle.


Cover-3 stars

Plot-3 stars

Characters-2 stars

Fantasy/Fiction/magical meter-4 stars

Suspense-3 stars


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