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The Waterless Sea by Kate Constable

The Waterless Sea (Chanters of Tremaris, #2)Name of book: The Waterless Sea


Author: Kate Constable

Age group: 11-14

Number of Pages: 320

Calwyn and her friends have come to the distant empire of Merithuros to rescue two children with the magical gift of chantment. But saving the children shatters more than just the palace;It uncovers long-hidden secrets of the man Calwyn loves, and shudders the foundations of the Empire itself. Calwyn will find a way to restore harmony in Merithuros...but its costs will be as deep as they are unexpected. With the passionate characters, exceptional writing, and inspired fantasy that earned her comparisons to Garth Nix and Ursula K. Le Guin, Kate Constable returns to the realm of The Singer of All Songs for a second extraordinary adventure.

This book is just as stunning as the first. After I finished The Singer of All Songs (which took me less than a day,) I immediately raced to my school library and checked out the next book, The Waterless Sea. And this sequel definitely did not disappoint me. However, there were several things that I made this book very confusing. First of all, when I was reading it, I was looking for Darrow. Obviously, Calwyn and him where meant to be together. So imagine my surprise when I couldn't find him there! I thought there must have been a typo, but soon enough, I found out. I have to say, I finally realized that Darrow must have left the group since, as Halassus says, he can not be healed because the disease is inside his heart. Darrow shut out everything and everyone including Calwyn, eventually. The Waterless Sea is just as emotional and excitingly suspenseful. Kate Constable is an very gifted writer.


Cover-3 stars

Plot-5 stars

Characters-3 stars (Some characters aren't explained or accounted for as much as I'd like them to be.)

Fantasy/fiction/magical meter-5 stars

Suspense-5 stars


Lose yourself in the world of fantasy!


I reading Shadow Wolf now! I love it!


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