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The Singer of All Songs by Kate Constable

The Singer of All Songs (Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy, #1)Name of book: The Singer of All Songs


Author: Kate Constable

Series: The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy

Age group: 11-14

Number of Pages:320

Summary from http://www.goodreads.com
Aussie author Kate Constable has brought a music inspired fantasy to the States that is on a par with celebrated works like Edith Pattou's East, and The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman. In The Singer of All Songs, young Calwyn is a Daughter of Tarsis, an order of priestesses who have mastered the ice call--a singing power over cold and frost. She lives with her sisters behind an enormous wall of ice that separates their small valley from hostile neighbors in the tensely divided lands of Tremaris. This seemingly impervious barrier is breached by a wounded "Outlander" named Darrow, who comes to the priestesses with a wild tale about an evil Sorcerer named Samis who has sworn to learn the Nine Chantments of the separate lands of Tremaris so that he can rule them as the powerful Singer of All Songs. When the elder priestesses dismiss his rantings and ord! er his sacrifice to the Goddess, Calwyn becomes determined to save his life and join his quest. Together, the two new friends travel into dangerous territories, assembling a rag tag crew of comrades along the way who agree to help prevent Samis from mastering the Nine Chantments. Constable has bewitchingly reinterpreted pagan lore for a new generation, and Singer will easily find an appreciative audience amongst devotees of Tamora Pierce and Garth Nix. Although the pacing of the novel is decidedly measured in places, it only helps the reader appreciate the author's rich characterizations and imaginative settings. Young fantasy fans will find much to sing about in this first installment of a planned trilogy. --Jennifer Hubert

From the moment I first opened this book, I couldn't stop myself from reading it. It was amazing, with exciting plot that took unexpected twists and turns. From the moment that Calwyn, the protaganist of the story, met Darrow, a ribbon of fantasy weaved its way into the already riveting and suspenseful plot of Kate Constable. Several characters help Calwyn and Darrow along their journey on their way to defeat Darrow's evil and malicious fried, Samis. Samis believes he is the singer of all songs-the person who can sing every single chantment out of all 10. Calwyn is determined to prove that she is nowhere near useless, and tries to win Darrow's love. The Singer of All Songs is a story of romance, adventure and a novice ice priestess(Calwyn) and a Ironcrafter (Darrow) who have to save the world-or die on the way.


Cover-3 stars

Plot-5 stars

Characters-4 stars (Some characters aren't explained or accounted for as much as I'd like them to be.)

Fantasy/fiction/magical meter-5 stars

Suspense-5 stars


Lose yourself in the world of fantasy!


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