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Everyone's a Critic by Paul Ruditis

Everyone's a Critic (Drama!)Name of Book: Everyone's a Critic

Published: October 2nd 2007 by Simon Pulse

Author: Paul Ruditis

Age Group: 13-16

Number of Pages: 288

Series: [You can never have too much...] DRAMA!

School's out, but the drama never stops at the superposh Orion Academy.
Hartley Blackstone -- the famous director, producer, choreographer, and
genuine Broadway icon -- has chosen Orion to hold auditions for one
lucky guy and girl to attend his summer theater program in New York City.

Naturally, every wannabe-It girl and boy at Orion is going mad, prepping
to win Blackstone's approval. With any luck, it could be Bryan and his
BFF, Sam, stepping onto a Broadway stage.

But Mr. Blackstone, known for his notoriously harsh critiques, is capable
of crushing hearts and shattering dreams with a single word. Bryan will
need more than his snarky wit and cute smile for this one. He's got to
bring it!

Now if he could just figure out exactly what it is....

The book starts of with Hope and Drew breaking up for some unidentified reason. Bryan and Suzie are sitting on a "patch of sand" and sitting back and watching the lunch time "entertainment". Bryan Stark and his group of friends are at Eric Whitman's house for his summer party. The first chapter ends with Bryan stuck between his former friend Drew and his former best friend's new best friend and Sam and Hope. Orion Academy has a yearly summer Theatrical Progam-and this year, it has something new to it. Mr. Blackstone, the headmaster of the super-super exclusive school (that makes Orion look like its normal) called Hartley Blackstone Acting School, has left two spots open for one Orion Academy girl and boy.

Except..it won't be as easy as everyone thinks.

Mr. Blackstone is known for being absolutely harsh when commenting on somebody's work. But through the midst of the excitement, Hope's break-up with Drew is ruining Sam, Bryan and Jason's performance for the audition. Will they be able to pull everything back together in time?


Cover-3 stars

Plot-3 stars

Characters-2 stars

Fantasy/fiction/magical meter-1 star


Lose yourself in the world of fantasy!
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